24 April, 2008

Starting it..not much to say

blogging..boleh dikatakan a new thing to me. being a passive reader seems much easier than actually having one. i took sometimes wondering what should i write. hmmm itu belum lg pikir the title for my own blog. and at last " Kehidupannya...Mawar" what a title huh? Jon would say "What? jiwang!" By the way, he's my younger brother aged 23, duduk rumah goyang kaki.,sounds like heaven kan life dia.i'm not so sure why i nak tulis blog ni but sometimes when u feel like talking to someone and u have no idea who u should talk to, masa tu la u teringat semua blog yang u pernah baca..sama macam i. called my soulmate just now dengan harapan it would make me feel better tapi tetiba rasa sebelum wujud perasaan yang lebih negative so i better cut off the conversation..i actually in my office at almost 7 still doing some stuff..hmm what a life and yet stil want to name this blog as Kehidupannya..Mawar haha

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