27 May, 2008

Nikah Dress..

About the title (nikah dress..hehe) last Saturday, I and soulmate went to Jalan TAR, famous tempat untuk dapatkan all kind of textiles (fuhh sangatlah susah menahan nafsu) For info, our nikah ceremony will be on 4th October, still baru nak cari kain hehe dah la nak musim raya ni, hopefully ada tailor yang nak buat baju i huhu..Anyway, at first, we went to Alinas hoping we could find our dream kain untuk baju nikah. I really want to have beaded chiffon cause i'm not really into lace. From one store to another still we can't find any. Looks like every store had so many collections of lace with very limited chiffon..at last we went to Gulati's and found beaded chiffon from India, yessss..! found kind of kain yang kami cari2. The hardest part bila memilih kain ni..kaler apa nak pakai ni...???? Dah jadi sort of trend, pengantin sekarang ni choose white colour for nikah. So, jauh di sudut hati i pun i would like to have white nikah dress, nampak sopan dan suci. Tapi soulmate insisted for other colour as he said white tak match dengan dia. Hmmm...finally we go for soft peach colour which the kain itself cost us 600 over (huh..belum upah tailor lagi tu) Still, i'm so happy cause we finally berjaya cari kain yang diidamkan :-)

Then we went to Jalan Brunei cari invitation card and luckily, first store lagi dah jumpa kad yang dicari. So we just have to make an appointment some time in June or maybe early July to finalized the design, map, name , and the details of the receptions.

21 May, 2008

Him..The History

This afternoon, he 'sms'ed me. Eventhough it was simple as 'jom makan' stil i felt weird. After about few months dia senyap je without any sms suddenly when his no. appeared on my phone screen, i can't explain what my feeling or how my feeling was. I'm very very very very much in love with Soulmate, no doubt about it. Cuma nak melupakan 'dia/him' is not that easy for me. People around me surprised, shocked and some even blamed me when i dumped him last year for Soulmate because we've been couple for almost 10 years at that time. My mom cried over it and worse, refused to accept Soulmate (masa tu la..skrg dah ok). Tak siapa pun faham or at least cuba faham dengan tindakan i. Believe me i've a very strong reason kenapa i tinggalkan dia..what he did was unforgiveable..

The House..soon to be our home :-)

Soulmate and I finally got a house and last Saturday dengan penatnya telah mencuci rumah tu. Luckily it's a new house, so not much to clean up la..pheww. The best part about having a new house is jalan2 cari perabot hehehe. We went to IKEA on Sunday looking for tv bench and dining table and found them as what we're looking for (bestnya..) and yet the price stil in the considerable range :-) Other stuff like bed, sofa, some electrical appliances etc, parents dia nak bagi dari umah depa kat penang hehe. You know, we're now much much much more excited about the house than our wedding. We sort of lupa jap all the preparation for our big day until my dad called last night informing about him pegi tempah meja pengantin (yang sepatutnya kitorang yg buat hihi)

17 May, 2008

Batik + Pasar Payang + Batik + Pasar Payang..hehe

i just came back from Terengganu. Got course there (boring..) The best part about being there was shopping di Pasar Payang hihihi rambang mata you know hehe tengok kiri cantik, tengok kanan cantik confuse..Ooppss lupa there's other event yang best. Guess what? Majlis perasmian Stadium Terengganu (my two frens and i pegi tanpa pengetahuan orang lain weehuuuu..Anuar Zain & Siti Nurhaliza) Coming back to Pasar Payang punya cite..i beli 2 batik (after struggling with my nafsu) and few stuff for soulmate and my parents of course. And some more, a must list kalau pegi Terengganu..hahaha keropok lekor (best22222) what else hmmm i guess that's all..but yang tak bestnya i demam, flu a lil bit and....cough (sangatla teruknya) even sekarang ni pun ada skit2 lagi rasa tak sihat..

07 May, 2008

Iron Man..The Superhero

Semalam after work bout 9pm, went to see Iron Man kat TGV Cheras Selatan dengan soulmate. There's nearer cinema, GSC Alamanda still kitorang pegi yang jauh skit sbb seriously seat kat situ tak berapa best tambah2 lagi for soulmate yang ketinggiannya 184cm (kecik je i rasa sebelah dia hihi..)

About the movie..best jugak la so walaupun tengok monday nite takla tdo dalam panggung ;-)

05 May, 2008

The Boss and The Preparation..

started working this morning dengan perasaan yang sangat boring..i should ask for a transfer i guess, dah nak muntah ni. dealing with disciplinary cases sangat sangat sangat la bosan and having a boss yang keep pushing pun menyakitkan hati..and those guys yang langgar peraturan ni hmmmmmm why applied for the job in the first place aiyooooo..(macam kena cakap untuk diri sendiri jugak je ayat ni hihi)

Anyway..i'm quite happy with the preparations :-) did booked the persalinan for reception on my side and his..my side will be gold lace and combination of maroon lace and songket on his. Can't wait for the fitting session. Nikah form pun dah ambik dari Pejabat Agama and just now soulmate call bagitau sijil pre-wedding course pun dia dah ambilkan yeye..still there're lots of things yang belum settle. hari tu pegi cari kain nak buat baju nikah unfortunately didn't find any yang berkenan di hati. hmmm what else haaa..oh ya, my photographer for the event, need to email him la..and cards hmm soulmate's parent can't confirm the date and place yet so looks like we need to wait for their decision la and hopefully it will be soon cause i think there's not so much time left..


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