05 May, 2008

The Boss and The Preparation..

started working this morning dengan perasaan yang sangat boring..i should ask for a transfer i guess, dah nak muntah ni. dealing with disciplinary cases sangat sangat sangat la bosan and having a boss yang keep pushing pun menyakitkan hati..and those guys yang langgar peraturan ni hmmmmmm why applied for the job in the first place aiyooooo..(macam kena cakap untuk diri sendiri jugak je ayat ni hihi)

Anyway..i'm quite happy with the preparations :-) did booked the persalinan for reception on my side and his..my side will be gold lace and combination of maroon lace and songket on his. Can't wait for the fitting session. Nikah form pun dah ambik dari Pejabat Agama and just now soulmate call bagitau sijil pre-wedding course pun dia dah ambilkan yeye..still there're lots of things yang belum settle. hari tu pegi cari kain nak buat baju nikah unfortunately didn't find any yang berkenan di hati. hmmm what else haaa..oh ya, my photographer for the event, need to email him la..and cards hmm soulmate's parent can't confirm the date and place yet so looks like we need to wait for their decision la and hopefully it will be soon cause i think there's not so much time left..

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