19 June, 2008

I'm soooooooooooooooooooo in love with Soulmate...

Can't explain why..tetiba arini rasa sangat222 jatuh hati ngan Soulmate. Blom jumpa dia lg pn (malam nnt barU dating hehe ble ke kata dating sbb everyday pn jumpa dia hihi) tp through phone call je rasa so much in love with him..hehe mcm psiko je kan. Phone ofis i rosak, i tak risau bout other people tp i susah ati sbb nnt soulmate tak ble call huhu..terpaksa la dia call h/phone cian dia..

I love u so much..!!

To a guy who regrets when he hurts me,

To a guy who knows which girl he wants,

To a guy who said, "You're beautiful.",

To a guy who cried in front of me afraid of losing me,

To a guy who sometimes call just to say, "I love u.",

To a guy who reassured me that i'm beautiful no matter what,

To a guy who shares my secrets,

To a guy that always try to show how much he care through every word and every breath,

To a guy that actually listened,

To a guy who prays that i'll always be happy,

To a guy who share the same dreams as mine,

Specially for the guy,

I love u so much

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