14 August, 2008

The Card..

Soulmate & i went to collect our invitation card after work yesterday. Still we were not really satisfied with the card but we just took it as we were running out of time if we insisted for reprint again. So guys, please reconsider your choice if KUACI DESIGN SDN. BHD. is in the list. I'm not trying to masukkan pasir dalam periuk nasi org but when you provided services, it should be at your best isn't it? Our card should be a lovely one (at least for us)..

However, i had a mix feeling inside me the moment i read the card. It is weird looking at my name and Soulmate printed on it. It is for real now, i'm getting married..!! but still struggling with my emotions, sometimes i do feel happy and excited about it. But the idea of i cannot be so dependant on my parent anymore sometimes freak me out. Yes i will have a husband whom i know very well that he'll always comfort me but surely it will not be the same as my parent does..

Tetiba emo..

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