21 May, 2008

The House..soon to be our home :-)

Soulmate and I finally got a house and last Saturday dengan penatnya telah mencuci rumah tu. Luckily it's a new house, so not much to clean up la..pheww. The best part about having a new house is jalan2 cari perabot hehehe. We went to IKEA on Sunday looking for tv bench and dining table and found them as what we're looking for (bestnya..) and yet the price stil in the considerable range :-) Other stuff like bed, sofa, some electrical appliances etc, parents dia nak bagi dari umah depa kat penang hehe. You know, we're now much much much more excited about the house than our wedding. We sort of lupa jap all the preparation for our big day until my dad called last night informing about him pegi tempah meja pengantin (yang sepatutnya kitorang yg buat hihi)

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