21 May, 2008

Him..The History

This afternoon, he 'sms'ed me. Eventhough it was simple as 'jom makan' stil i felt weird. After about few months dia senyap je without any sms suddenly when his no. appeared on my phone screen, i can't explain what my feeling or how my feeling was. I'm very very very very much in love with Soulmate, no doubt about it. Cuma nak melupakan 'dia/him' is not that easy for me. People around me surprised, shocked and some even blamed me when i dumped him last year for Soulmate because we've been couple for almost 10 years at that time. My mom cried over it and worse, refused to accept Soulmate (masa tu la..skrg dah ok). Tak siapa pun faham or at least cuba faham dengan tindakan i. Believe me i've a very strong reason kenapa i tinggalkan dia..what he did was unforgiveable..

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