27 May, 2008

Nikah Dress..

About the title (nikah dress..hehe) last Saturday, I and soulmate went to Jalan TAR, famous tempat untuk dapatkan all kind of textiles (fuhh sangatlah susah menahan nafsu) For info, our nikah ceremony will be on 4th October, still baru nak cari kain hehe dah la nak musim raya ni, hopefully ada tailor yang nak buat baju i huhu..Anyway, at first, we went to Alinas hoping we could find our dream kain untuk baju nikah. I really want to have beaded chiffon cause i'm not really into lace. From one store to another still we can't find any. Looks like every store had so many collections of lace with very limited chiffon..at last we went to Gulati's and found beaded chiffon from India, yessss..! found kind of kain yang kami cari2. The hardest part bila memilih kain ni..kaler apa nak pakai ni...???? Dah jadi sort of trend, pengantin sekarang ni choose white colour for nikah. So, jauh di sudut hati i pun i would like to have white nikah dress, nampak sopan dan suci. Tapi soulmate insisted for other colour as he said white tak match dengan dia. Hmmm...finally we go for soft peach colour which the kain itself cost us 600 over (huh..belum upah tailor lagi tu) Still, i'm so happy cause we finally berjaya cari kain yang diidamkan :-)

Then we went to Jalan Brunei cari invitation card and luckily, first store lagi dah jumpa kad yang dicari. So we just have to make an appointment some time in June or maybe early July to finalized the design, map, name , and the details of the receptions.


ijad said...

dah jumpa ke dress yang awak inginkan tu...

mawar said...

dah beli kain tapi tengah cari tempat nak tempah plak..hmmm


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