02 June, 2012

Books: Dream The New Dreams

Saya baca The Last Lecture lebih setahun lepas. The best motivation book i ever read!

Dan saya percaya, selepas kematian Prof Randy pada 2008, isteri dan anak2 kecil beliau adalah yang paling terkesan. Lunch hour semalam saya ke MPH cari buku dan terjumpa Dream The New Dreams by Jai Pausch (Randy's wife). Terus ambik dan bayar dan sekarang saya tak sabar nak baca ^_^

In Dream New Dreams, Jai Pausch shares her own story for the first time: her emotional journey from wife and mother to full-time caregiver, shuttling between her three young children and Randy’s bedside as he sought treatment far from home; and then to widow and single parent, fighting to preserve a sense of stability for her family, while coping with her own grief and the challenges of running a household without a partner.

A powerful story of grief, healing, and newfound independence. Jai’s story will inspire not only the legions of readers who made The Last Lecture a bestseller, but also those who are embarking on a journey of loss and renewal themselves.

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